1911 An Actor in a New Role

رده سنی  |   |  درام  |  1911-November-29  |  ساخت (USA)
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Ralph Dolten was an actor. In spite of the fact that he believed he could give pointers to Henry Irving and John Drew, the public proved so unappreciative of the gifts of himself and other members of the company that the company simply busted. The great actor now found it desirable to get back to New York. On account of the custom of railroads of always demanding fare in advance, he found this a serious problem. So he decided to earn the fare by selling books. Book agents are not everywhere received with enthusiasm, as he soon discovered. Then he turned his theatrical gifts to good use. Being turned out of an office once, he quickly disguised himself as an old man and acting the part, as he only could, he was again admitted, when he immediately threw off his disguise and began showing his books. Out again he was thrown. Then he cheerfully disguised as a postman with the same result. But before he could enter again under another disguise, the police had been notified and he found it necessary to flee. In the course of his flight he disguised as an Irish workman and avoided his pursuers. Then he gained entrance again to his victim's office. By this time the man was so much wrought up that it was necessary to send for a physician. When the man of medicine arrived, he suddenly threw off his disguise and triumphantly appeared once more as Ralph, the actor-book-agent, and then Ralph took an order for a full set with the finest bindings.



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