Martin Bannon Beaudet

Marty Beaudet is an American actor, writer, and filmmaker. He has been acting since the age of 13, and published his first novel, "By A Thread," in 2010. His second book, "Losing Addison," was adapted

Martin Bannon Beaudet, Arthouse Talent, Portland, Oregon Martin Bannon Beaudet Martin Bannon Beaudet Martin Bannon Beaudet Actor, Writer, Producer
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Senseless Confidential Senseless Confidential ( فیلم )

2018 Losing Addison Losing Addison ( فیلم )

2018 Sex Weather Sex Weather ( فیلم )

2017 Nowhere to Hide Nowhere to Hide ( فیلم کوتاه )

2016 The Falls: Covenant of Grace The Falls: Covenant of Grace ( فیلم )

2015 Here Comes the Ride Here Comes the Ride ( فیلم کوتاه )

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