Tristin Mays

Growing up in New York City, Tristin was with the Ford Modeling Agency where she quickly became one of the top child models in the country. She would later land several national commercials such as Kr
سن :29 , قد : 1.64 m

Tristin Mays Tristin Mays in MacGyver (2016) Tristin Mays at "Unforgettable Premiere" Tristin Mays stars in "Night Of The Wild" as Rosalyn Tristin Mays at "Unforgettable Premiere" Tristin Mays at 2017 NAACP awards
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MacGyver Riley Davis
Supergirl Paulina
The Wedding Ringer Cute Bridesmaid
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2014 Like She Can Like She Can ( فیلم کوتاه )

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